Slither io Mods


Make your experience even better with these cool Slither io Mods available for your web browser. There are several mods and extensions for Here I will present you the most famous and best Slither io Mod for the game.


What are Slitherio Mods?

A Slither io mod or modification gives you more options and changes to the main game. Extensions like ‘Slither Friends’ or ‘’ boost the game experience to a whole other level. You will be able to fully customize your snake skins with plenty of options like eye size, head shape colors and many more. You can even upload your own logo and use it for the antenna of your snake.


Slitherio Mods let you even change the background and the way pellets look. You will be able to use more ingame controls like the zoom feature or baiting other players with fake pellets!


How to install Slitherio mods

1. If you want to install mods for you have to open your Google Chrome web browser first.

Slither io Mod Google Chrome Settings2. Open up the menu with the three dots in the upper right corner and go to settings.

Slither io Mod Settings

3. In the left column click on extensions. This will lead you to the Chrome extensions area.

Google Chrome Extensions

4. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‚Get more extensions‘.

Get more extensions

5. Now use the search bar and type in ‘slitherio mods’ or ‘slither mods’. There are many different mods to choose from, just pick one you like. You can look up the ratings for each mod to see which one is the best.

Chrome web store Slither io Mod search

6. Now just click on ADD TO CHROME and the mod will be installed. After that go back to play The mod will be active now.

Add Mod to Google Chrome

You successfully installed a Slither io mod. Extensions can easily be activated and deactivated in the ‚extensions‘ window.

In-Game Features of a Slither io mod

  • Zoom in and out option to get a better view of your surroundings
  • Create or Join a party with your friends (to play on the same server)
  • Insert Custom Skin
  • more intelligent Slitherio Bots
  • Create your own custom skins
  • Information about your current location on the server
  • FPS counter
  • connect to your friends server ip
  • more graphic settings to improve game experience on low pc setups
  • all nicknames and settings can be saved
  • Server list to choose a server
  • Skin rotator (rotate through different skins during playing)
  • Background changer for customizing your game look
  • Respawn
  • Live updates and in-game Slither io mod options
  • HUD can be turned on or off
  • Speed burst with shift-key


These are my favorite Slitherio mods:

  • Mods, Zoom, Custom Skins, Create Skins, Create Heads, Play with Friends by
  • Add 40+ custom mods and skins to to extend your gameplay experience! Mods made by Turtle Clan
  • Play with friends by sharing short id’s, design your own custom skins, use custom antennas, etc. by


Have fun playing with the Slither io mod! If you want to try a different extension simple deactive the current one.