Play Slither io online

What is Slither io online?

Slither io online became one of the most famous .io games on the internet just after broke every record. With millions of players worldwide brought the io experience to a whole other level. It combines features from the old snake game from 1979 with online multiplayer gaming. Control your snake over the screen and avoid crashing into other snakes or you will die. Eat all the glowing pellets in your way, cut off other players and make them crash into you. If a snake dies the body will turn into glowing food you can absorb to grow. The goal in Slither io online is to become the biggest snake on the server and take over the first place. Try to hunt down big snakes and get a piece of the pie. You can spot the big snakes on the minimap.


Controls in Slither io online

You control your snake with your pc mouse by moving it into the right direction. S0me players prefer a graphic tablet over a mouse. Just try it out and see what’s best for you. Use the left mouse button to activate the speed boost of your snake. Your worm will move faster, but you will loose some of your mass while speeding. If you want to get better in the game you can check out Tips and Tricks in



You can change the skin of your snake in Slither io online in the main menu. After signing up to the game with your Twitter or Facebook account just click on ‚change skin‘. If you want to know more about the customization of your snake you can read this article. Make sure to look cool as f*ck on the battlefield and put your opponents to shame!

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