Lazerdrive io

What is Lazerdrive io?

Lazerdrive io combines different types of famous online browser games. The battlefield is similar to Slither io whereas the gameplay resembles Curvefever. Control your line over the screen, avoid crashing into other players and try to stay alive as long as possible. Try to get as many points as possible to take the lead. In this case your snake doesn’t grow in size. To get points you have to collect the stars that spawn on the screen. You compete with players from all over the world so always pay attention! Use the power-ups that give you advantages over your opponent. Collect them to give yourself a little advantage over the other players around you. The green items only effect you, the red ones will effect the enemys around you and the blue power-ups will have an impact on the map. What ever you do in Lazerdrive io keep your head safe and don’t crash into another players laser line.


Controls: Right / Left Arrow keys

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