How to play Slither io


This is a guide helping you to get better in with new tactics and tricks you can use to win against your opponents.

Before you start playing online you need to check these things…


This may sound very obvious for you but many players don’t use the fullscreen option to play Slither io. The bigger the screen the easier it is to control your snake and navigate through tight spaces.

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You can increase your skill in Slitherio by simply using the right hardware. That means you need a good mouse, I prefer a gaming mouse like the Logitech G502. The huge advantage of a mouse like this is that you can switch through different sensitivity modes very fast depending on the situation you are in. It’s also important that you feel comfortable with your mouse and it’s fitting your hand.

How to play Slither io
Logitech G502 – How to play Slither io

GOOD TO KNOW: Instead of a computer mouse you can also use a graphic tablet! It is very easy to control your snake with the pen of a graphic tablet. Maybe this is better for you.


The bigger you grow the bigger your turns get and you become very unagile. Most of the players stay in the middle of the screen as well as the small and medium snakes. At a size of let’s say 30k you might start to avoid the center. The edges and corners are way less dangerous and that’s where you should stay. Keep looking for snakes of your size and try to hunt them down. Just avoid the center of the battlefield because it is just too crowded and you will die easily. BE SMART! That’s the way how to play Slither io. Your big advantage as a big snake is that you will see more of your surrounding.

The Techniques


When your snake is about 1,000 points big you are long enough to start trapping other players by just surrounding them. If you successfully trapped another snake inside your circle it has no chance to escape. Now you just need to squeeze him until he crashes into you. The longer your snake is the easier it will be to trap other players snakes. At a size of 10,000 you can even trap multiple snakes at once. This trick is one of the most common techniques used in Slither io.

How to play Slither io – Trap your enemy


In every game there a few afk-guys that just keep going straight forward, because they are not playing, simply just ‚afk‘. These players are easy to kill and help you get bigger but you also can use the following technique to trick other hunters. Just pretend you are actively not playing and just keep going forward without using any boost. Other players may now think that you are easy food and will start chasing you. When they get closer you simply take a sharp turn with boost and cut them off. Normal players don’t have a good reaction time and they’ll crash into your snake.

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