Deeeep io

What is Deeeep io?

Deeeep io is another .io game that is played in the ocean! It can be compared to and your main objective is to grow as big as you can. To do that you need to climb up mother natures food chain from a little fish to a big shark or a giant whale. The bigger you get the more likely you will survive. Try to become the biggest and most dangerous animal in the underwater food chain and first place in the leaderboard.

How to play Deeeep io

The start underwater can and will be tough so you have to be very careful. You go up against players from all over the world that already gained some mass and will hunt you. There is alot of free food around that you need to pick up and gain size to evolve quickly. The more you eat the faster your xp bar will grow until you reach the new level in the Deeeep io food chain. Since there are different types of animals you have to keep an eye on your oxygen meter too as some of the species can not breath under water infinite. For example if you grow into a seagull you need to breath fresh air after a couple of seconds or you will die. The positive thing about being a seagull is that you can actually fly. You have to keep one thing in mind: Anything bigger than you can eat you apart from players of the same animals species. This rule does not apply to sharks though. When you are small you can hide in different objects like underwater plants from hunters.


Controls: Mouse = move, left mouse button = boost

The controls of Deeeep io are very basic and easy. You control your character with your mouse and use the left mouse button to boost forward. The boost does only work for a limited amount so use it wisely. You will need it when getting chased by a hunter. The boost is essential when catching up to your prey.

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