Curvefever io

What is Curvefever io?

Curvefever io is a new version of the popular Curvefever game with plenty features and more customizing options then before. Now you will be able to buy different types of snakes. Each snake representing a different type of animal has unique skills. Find out which animal snake will fit your play style to dominate your enemies. The goal in Curvefeverio is to stay alive as long as possible to be the last man standing. Last player alive will win the round and earn the most points. Each snake randomly creates little gaps you can sneak through. If you crash into a line you will die! So always keep your head safe. Try to claim enough space for yourself to improve your chances of survival. The map will be very crowed, that means you have to be smart and find the easiest way. Use the randomly spawned power ups on the Curverfever io playfield to give yourself a little advantage over the other players. Have fun playing Curvefever io and keep unlocking cool new stuff!


Controls: Left / Right Arrow keys

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