What are IO Games

The io games era started with the big success of in 2016. Agario had such a big impact in the online multiplayer game industry that it quickly broke records as a web brower game. In a few months it already gained several hundred thousand fans and players from all over the world. What made this io game so successful was it’s simple look and unique gameplay. As a multiplayer browser game played in fullscreen mode with no registration needed it was very easy to handle. You simply had to visit the website and could start competing against other players. The era of io gaming was born! Many Youtube channels started to grow playing io games like Agario only.

New IO Games

New io games like, and followed this trend and also became very successful. Since there are so many new .io games out there you need to create something special now but always follow the basic rules;

  • Easy game joining with no registration and other stuff
  • Easy and simple controls, but hard to become pro
  • Include an option to upgrade your character or grow in size; become more powerful
  • It has to be competitive, you need to battle other players and climb up the leaderboard

A io game that combines all these rules is The basic game idea is very simple and the controls are quite easy to learn. It has a very nostalgic feel for older players that used to play the old Snake game back in the 70s/80s. This makes it easy for anyone to play the game, even with no experience in io games. Though the controls may be easy to learn it is still very hard to become very good and pro at Slither. It’s the perfect mix for a cool online multiplayer game you still enjoy after several hours of playing. even offers different mods and skin extensions with new features for an even better io games experience.

What can you do here?

I played many different io games on the market and not all of them are worth playing. On this page you can find a list with the best games that guarantee fun and awesome gameplay. Now you don’t need to search for good games in the web, simply choose a game from the list and start gaming!
Every single io game is hosted by a different site so it’s hard to keep track over all the games. That’s why we included the best games on our site so you have them all in one place. Have fun playing the best onlien multiplayer games on the internet!